Week 11– Weekly Activity: Student Choice


This week for our project, we actually got to choose what we wanted to create or experiment with. Though I loved the concept, at first I wasn’t quite sure what to do and so I decided to go to IMG_20141107_113558the Art Store and walk around in hopes that all the different materials and mediums would give me an idea, and it sort of did. Usually I like sketching as I’m not really that good at using paint and paintbrushes, but I decided to buy watercolors just to give itIMG_20141107_131146 another try.

It had been a while since I had used watercolors so I didn’t want to do anything particularly detailed and focused on a more minimalist approach. After doing some practice sketches in my sketchbook I decided to draw and paint the Goblet of Fire from the Harry Potter series. I used pencil first to lightly sketch it out and then outlined all of it in Sharpie before applying the watercolors. After it was all painted, I outlined it once more to keep the lines as sharp as possible.

The project didn’t exactly turn out like I wanted it to, but it was interesting using watercolors after not using them for years. It was fun playing around with the colors and the medium, and overall, it was rather to nice to be able to pick what we wanted to do.