Week 15– Artist Interview: Troy Rounseville


Artist Troy Rounseville’s BFA Sculpture Exhibition was displayed this week in the Marilyn Werby 20141204_111201Gallery. The noise rather than the aesthetic nature of the piece caught my 20141204_111312attention, as the first thing I heard when walking inside was the pounding of the drum. The next interesting portion were the countless wires all around the different instruments.

The piano, the drum, and the record were all playing due to the use of technology. No hand was placing the needle on the record, pressing the keys, or strumming the guitar; the piece is titled “Body” and ironically no sense of human contact was present, and that all on its own was very impactful. Rounseville, through the many tangled extensions and cords managed to analyze the relationship between emotions and technological improvement, causing the viewers to question whether the presence of technology instead of a human body changed how the sounds and feelings were perceived.

The pieces were not only creative art expressions with curious appearances, but also pieces that managed to tap into the concepts of human communication and dependency.


Week 15– Classmate Interview: Christine Trinh


On the last week of classmate interviews, I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Trinh. She was walking around with her friend Melanie Collie, whom I had interviewed previously, and so, it was great to be able to talk to both of them.

Christine is currently a first year majoring in Accounting. She chose that specific major because she had taken an accounting class during high school and decided to try it out. As of right now, she is not involved any clubs because she is taking the time to completely adjust to the college environment and lifestyle and then maybe later she’ll consider taking part in clubs.

She enjoys movies like Despicable Me and Disney movies like UP. Although she does enjoy the Hunger Games, she has not had the opportunity to see the latest film Mockingjay Part 1; though she had planned on seeing it at the midnight premiere, her plans were cancelled but she hopes to see it quite soon. Though she doesn’t watch that much television anymore, she does like the Walking Dead.

One of her main hobbies is playing games and that tangent lead to very interesting conversations. All three of us get excited about things like our favorite T.V shows, movies, or games and so we spent a great deal talking about the excitement that comes with them and had many humorous tangents in the middle of our interview.

Both Christine and Melanie are really nice and funny people and it was great interviewing them; talking to them was actually probably my longest conversation during the walk in the galleries all year simply because it’s so easy to talk to them and have fun doing so. I’m glad I had the opportunity to talk to them and hope to see them around school.


Week 13– Artist Interview: Jeff Dulla


This week in the Gatov Galleries, there were pieces of a BFA Drawing and Painting Show on exhibition called Post Synthesis. From the beginning it was quite clear that though the pieces were very different and unique as they were made by different artists, they had all, in a way, experimented with the various mediums and colors to achieve such creativeness and it is why 20141120_105716they formed the collection.

Every piece, whether it depicted a person, a landscape, or a story, was very vivid and colorful, playing with both the ideas of abstraction and fine details. One of the pieces that I really enjoyed studying was Jeff Dulla’s “Cyclical Nature” or #2 in the collection of artwork. His piece emphasized the idea of cycles and patterns through the different spirals with blended colors relating back to his very fitting title. The landscape art seemed almost like an abstract fantasy setting, yet on deeper inspection the many strokes and details became visible and the effort immediately apparent. In fact, one of my friends that I was walking around the galleries with claimed that it almost embodied a Tim Burton sort of feeling to it; the style and shades gave it a slightly dark whimsical, edgy look and it made it even more fascinating. Although other pieces were also quite captivating, “Cyclical Nature” was one of the pieces that I revisited and admired the most from this week.

Week 13–Classmate Interview: Melanie Colli


At the art galleries this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie Colli, a third year student. Though she had already been interviewed, she was kind enough to let me ask her a few questions as she looked at some of the art pieces with a friend.

Melanie is currently undeclared though she is going into the Pre-Film major. She used to be a biology major but realized she liked the process and experience of film better. She likes studying how stories are developed and enjoys the process of reading other stories and finding ways to create plot lines and characters, which she usually draws out to further help in the creative experience. She actually decided to take Art 110 because it is a pre-film requirement, and after taking Art History in high school, she wanted to try a different approach to art.

Some of her favorite stories or books are Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls and Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. She enjoys watching movies like Kill Bill and Bambi and also likes to watch anime. Some of the music she listens to also falls under a similar category; though she said she occasionally listens to rock, most of the time her music falls under J-Pop/Rock and K-Pop.

Melanie is a commuter, living relatively close to the school. She was originally considering going to Cal Poly Pomona but preferred to stay nearby as she wasn’t quite sure she was ready for some distance from home when she started as a freshman. Now, however, she would like to experiment with a little more independence and hopes to be able to study abroad in London soon.

Melanie seems like a really nice person and I am very grateful that she allowed me to interview even though technically she was already done with class. I enjoyed getting to know her and hope to see her around during class.


Week 12– Weekly Activity: Teach One

https://vimeo.com/112023196 (passcode: art110)


This week we had the opportunity to again choose what we wanted to do, but rather than simply 20141116_175027complete a project, we also had to figure out a way to teach it. Personally, though I like art, I don’t really think I’m good at doing any particular style of it; however, I do enjoy sketching so I decided to do that for this week.20141116_174646

Once I began the project, I realized just how difficult it is to break something down into steps. I took art in high school and through the course of those four year my teacher taught us how to practice and become familiar with different mediums if only for a while to complete a certain project; we had different exercises each day to practice outlining, painting, shading, etc. but as a student I hadn’t noticed how hard it was to come up with those small steps in order to somewhat teach someone a new skill.

Admittedly the video made to teach how to sketch was not the best; after it was saved the timing was a bit off so it’s a bit rushed, and the steps might not be the best way to teach someone, but then again it’s easier to teach someone in person than through a very rough outline of the task and I spent more time on the drawings then the video. This project was interesting simply because it allowed us to switch sides and become “teachers” for a little while and see learning in a new perspective.

Week 12–Artist Interview: Angie Samblotte & Lacy McCune


Artists Angie Samblotte’s and Lacy McCune’s artwork titled Taking my Time in the Paradigm was displayed in the Dutzi Gallery this week. Their work was supposed to pay a tribute to the 20141113_112116five senses everyone uses to take in certain objects and environments; the word paradigm is defined as being an example serving as a model or a framework, and though I’m not sure if it is exactly what they meant, I thought it meant taking the time to slow down within the framework of society where everyone is rushing about.

Though the collection of works were supposed to be joined by the same theme, each piece had a different style and feeling to it. 20141113_111905Some were mainly created through graphite while others had a bit color scattered throughout. The materials and subject matters used were not exactly extravagant as they were trying to show the audience how to find the creative and beautiful quirks in common and mundane objects and scenarios. The majority of the pieces were formed through intricate designs which in turn allowed the artists’ message to cut across as the viewers slowed down to actually take in every portion of the work.

The first piece I was able to see was “Awkward Hug” or #11 which was composed of graphite on paper. Though it looks great from far away, the details and skill are better seen up close. The piece, with its elaborate outline and tricky shading seems to overall capture the idea of taking the time to truly study and analyze seemingly common things and find a new perspective which allows us to enjoy or at the very least appreciate everything around us.

Week 12–Classmate Interview: David Phan


At the art galleries this week I had the pleasure of meeting David Phan, currently a third year at Cal State Long Beach. As of right now, he is majoring in Geology, though he had been previously studying Psychology; he decided to switch his course of study because he realized he was more interested in learning about the earth than he was about analyzing people and their thoughts/actions.

He is not really sure what he wants to do as a career but thinks it might have to do something with teaching, especially since he already works at a high school as a music instructor.

His favorite type of music to listen to ranges from alternative to classical and instrumental. Though he really enjoys Art 110 because he can experience different forms of art and use a more modern approach with social media, unlike in his previous art history class, he prefers music and the concept of performing.

One of his other hobbies is reading. Though he enjoys reading for pleasure, he mentioned that he hasn’t really had time to do so because school occasionally gets in the way and if he has free time he would much rather focus his attention on music. Some of his favorite movies include 100 Days of Summer and he likes watching horror movies as well.

Though we both agreed that sometimes interviews can be a little tricky because you can run out of questions or you don’t know who to partner up with, they can be rather interesting and fun and it was very nice getting to know him this week.