Week 12– Weekly Activity: Teach One

https://vimeo.com/112023196 (passcode: art110)


This week we had the opportunity to again choose what we wanted to do, but rather than simply 20141116_175027complete a project, we also had to figure out a way to teach it. Personally, though I like art, I don’t really think I’m good at doing any particular style of it; however, I do enjoy sketching so I decided to do that for this week.20141116_174646

Once I began the project, I realized just how difficult it is to break something down into steps. I took art in high school and through the course of those four year my teacher taught us how to practice and become familiar with different mediums if only for a while to complete a certain project; we had different exercises each day to practice outlining, painting, shading, etc. but as a student I hadn’t noticed how hard it was to come up with those small steps in order to somewhat teach someone a new skill.

Admittedly the video made to teach how to sketch was not the best; after it was saved the timing was a bit off so it’s a bit rushed, and the steps might not be the best way to teach someone, but then again it’s easier to teach someone in person than through a very rough outline of the task and I spent more time on the drawings then the video. This project was interesting simply because it allowed us to switch sides and become “teachers” for a little while and see learning in a new perspective.


Week 11– Weekly Activity: Student Choice


This week for our project, we actually got to choose what we wanted to create or experiment with. Though I loved the concept, at first I wasn’t quite sure what to do and so I decided to go to IMG_20141107_113558the Art Store and walk around in hopes that all the different materials and mediums would give me an idea, and it sort of did. Usually I like sketching as I’m not really that good at using paint and paintbrushes, but I decided to buy watercolors just to give itIMG_20141107_131146 another try.

It had been a while since I had used watercolors so I didn’t want to do anything particularly detailed and focused on a more minimalist approach. After doing some practice sketches in my sketchbook I decided to draw and paint the Goblet of Fire from the Harry Potter series. I used pencil first to lightly sketch it out and then outlined all of it in Sharpie before applying the watercolors. After it was all painted, I outlined it once more to keep the lines as sharp as possible.

The project didn’t exactly turn out like I wanted it to, but it was interesting using watercolors after not using them for years. It was fun playing around with the colors and the medium, and overall, it was rather to nice to be able to pick what we wanted to do.

Week 10– Weekly Activity: Landscapes with a Corpse


This week for our project, we were supposed to experiment with the notion of “Landscapes with Corpses.” I wasn’t quite sure what to do at first, and so, I began to brainstorm the many ways a person could die, just to see which would be easier to imitate in a photograph.

At first, I thought I would play around with the idea of being buried alive, and possibly go to the beach over the weekend and figure out how exactly to make that photograph seem realistic. Unfortunately, however, that idea did not go as planned as I had exams to study for and such, and after going home for the weekend, it became clear I would not have the opportunity to go anywhere else. It was possible to like outside of the apartments on the grass or sidewalks and have someone else take the photograph, but I wasn’t quite up to lying on the ground outside.

As it got closer to Sunday night I was running out of ideas until my parents made fun of me for eating so much candy since it was the Halloween weekend. Though it was a bit childish and may not exactly be something that leads to a corpse in the middle of the living room, I eventually decided to take a photograph of “a corpse” surrounded by chocolate wrappers and spilled candy, showing death, I suppose, through an overdose of chocolate.

Week 8– Weekly Activity: ePortfolio


For the e-Portfolio project this week we were supposed to consider how the content on our websites expressed our individual goals, or at the very least, we were supposed to personalize it, and make it more our own rather than leaving it as simply a website to turn homework in.

One suggestion for this assignment was to incorporate our major into the website, however, as a first year Pre-Psychology major it was difficult finding something to add asI’ve only taken general education classes thus far and have yet to take any classes directly related to my intended major. So I decided to focus on that later and chose to organize or customize the layout of my blog first.Untitled4

The first change was creating an “about” page; it’s not relatively long with its three short statements, but as I previously had not had one, it was an improvement. I also decided to createa special category for the Art 110 blogs along with subcategories to divide our assignments into the three categories of artist interviews, classmate interviews, and projects. I changed the theme to one that allowed me to have a sort of cover page with a feature picture and the title of the blog rather than one that automatically displayed every long post. Though each page or section still showcases the posts one by one as one scrolls through, the 20141017_100532subcategories allow the viewers to know what to expect in each section and overall makes the blog look much neater.

After changing the blog’s appearance, I decided that the work I would upload should come from my sketchbook, just as a starting point. I took art in high school for five years (as my school combined junior high with high school) and I used the same sketchbook over the course of those five years as we practiced different techniques, scribbled out ideas, performed different warm-up exercises, and took some notes. Because I’ve had the sketchbook for six years now, including this current year, it’s given me the opportunity to somewhat trace my progress. Besides how handy the sketchbook was, I chose to post work from there because I’ve always enjoyed taking part in art, and hope to continue doing so at Long Beach whether it be simply as an elective or maybe a minor.

Therefore, the final change was adding a separate category for the random doodles and such. Perhaps later I can edit it more, including the title, but for now I think that’s as customizable as I can make it.


Week 7– Weekly Activity: Spray Painting


This week our project involved the concept of painting through the use of spray paint. Our assignment was to write our names in bubble letters or similar 3-Dish styles with at least two colors on a piece of cardboard or wood, or possibly drive out to the 20141012_124821Venice Artwalls and paint it there.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go all the way to Venice, so I simply painted my name on a piece of cardboard at home. The two colors I used were a sky blue and black paint. At first, with the sketch on a piece of paper the letters of the name were to be colored in blueIMG_20141012_123640 with the black working as a shadow to make it more 3-D. Once I got the cardboard outside, however, I tested each spray out and realized the black spray was significantly darker and thicker and therefore seemed to almost drown out the blue. Therefore, I reversed the colors and the fill-in color became black and the shadow or outline blue.

20141012_130443It was interesting to use spray paint as I had never used it before. It required fluid movements and control of the can, but overall it went rather well. After applying the blue shadow around the letters, I had to repaint the black as it had slightly faded. The letters did momentarily look 3D, though the paint quickly began to drip as the size of the location required the can to be relatively close to the cardboard.

Though spray painting wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I thought of painting in art, I did enjoy and would possibly like to learn more about that style of art, if not continue to use the leftover spray paint in the future.

Week 6– Weekly Activity: Drawing (App)

For this project, we were supposed to use the app called French Girls to practice or attempt to draw other people’s photographs. drawing app1The original plan, was to upload a selfie and have others draw it, and in turn draw someone else’s as well. The app, however, was only available on iPhones, iPads, and the like, and since I have an drawing app2Android that didn’t really work out.

I attempted to search for similar apps, but there weren’t any quite like it. In the end, I settled for one called PaintJoy which simply allowed you to draw on a blank piece of paper (screen). Since I couldn’t upload a picture or really look at anyone else’s, I decided to draw my own picture and a picture of a friend on said app. It was rather difficult as I didn’t have a stylus so I had to use my index finger on my phone to make each stroke and detail, but compared to what I was expecting as the end result, it didn’t turn out half bad.

It was interesting using an app to draw, and it was most definitely a new experience. After using it, however, I think I would much rather stick to improving any drawing technique through a paper and pencil, being much more comfortable sketching.

Week 5–Weekly Activity: Counter-factual Identity

This week’s project revolved around the idea of counterfactual identity. Counterfactual identity does not necessarily mean the identity emphasized is fake but rather highlights the notion of creating possible alternatives or discovering a range of possibilities. In our class’s case, our assignment was basically to dress in a way we normally don’t or wouldn’t and observe people’s reactions to the change in wardrobe and the new assumptions made about either our name or 10313391_10201008582216339_832833676407455480_n (2)our major.

Naturally, I only own clothes that I wear often, so it was a little difficult to come up with an outfit, especially since I wasn’t exactly willing to buy new clothes that I was sure I’d only wear once. Finally, however, I decided to go for a very simple but noticeable change. I tend to always wear dark blue or black jeans with a t-shirt and converse so the opposite of that would be, of course, to wear a brightly-colored dress with some flats. Though I don’t necessarily hate wearing dresses, they are usually not my first choice, only really wearing them when I need to like at formal events or school dances.

The first reaction actually came in the morning before I headed out to any of my classes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays my roommate and I head off to our classes at the same time; usually we don’t really pay much attention to what the other is doing as we get all our stuff 20140925_140012ready, but today it was a bit different. She automatically noticed the bright green and became curious with the change in wardrobe admitting that in the few weeks living together she was already used to seeing me always wearing jeans. The other reactions came much later in the day in my CLA class. When I asked one of my classmates about my major she wasn’t sure specifically what it would be but decided on some major centered on science since she had met people dressed similarly who were majoring in microbiology or chemistry. Her friend, who joined us a few minutes later, however, thought I was majoring in art due to the bright colors.

Though the change or reactions were not so drastic, it emphasized the notion of how we get attached to certain elements like colors or clothes and then use them to fit our personalities and identities. Similarly, we then use our observations and experiences to associate those same things with other elements such as majors or attitudes we expect of people. It was rather interesting to do this project based on expression and observe the little differences throughout the day.