Week 15– Classmate Interview: Christine Trinh


On the last week of classmate interviews, I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Trinh. She was walking around with her friend Melanie Collie, whom I had interviewed previously, and so, it was great to be able to talk to both of them.

Christine is currently a first year majoring in Accounting. She chose that specific major because she had taken an accounting class during high school and decided to try it out. As of right now, she is not involved any clubs because she is taking the time to completely adjust to the college environment and lifestyle and then maybe later she’ll consider taking part in clubs.

She enjoys movies like Despicable Me and Disney movies like UP. Although she does enjoy the Hunger Games, she has not had the opportunity to see the latest film Mockingjay Part 1; though she had planned on seeing it at the midnight premiere, her plans were cancelled but she hopes to see it quite soon. Though she doesn’t watch that much television anymore, she does like the Walking Dead.

One of her main hobbies is playing games and that tangent lead to very interesting conversations. All three of us get excited about things like our favorite T.V shows, movies, or games and so we spent a great deal talking about the excitement that comes with them and had many humorous tangents in the middle of our interview.

Both Christine and Melanie are really nice and funny people and it was great interviewing them; talking to them was actually probably my longest conversation during the walk in the galleries all year simply because it’s so easy to talk to them and have fun doing so. I’m glad I had the opportunity to talk to them and hope to see them around school.



Week 13–Classmate Interview: Melanie Colli


At the art galleries this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie Colli, a third year student. Though she had already been interviewed, she was kind enough to let me ask her a few questions as she looked at some of the art pieces with a friend.

Melanie is currently undeclared though she is going into the Pre-Film major. She used to be a biology major but realized she liked the process and experience of film better. She likes studying how stories are developed and enjoys the process of reading other stories and finding ways to create plot lines and characters, which she usually draws out to further help in the creative experience. She actually decided to take Art 110 because it is a pre-film requirement, and after taking Art History in high school, she wanted to try a different approach to art.

Some of her favorite stories or books are Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls and Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. She enjoys watching movies like Kill Bill and Bambi and also likes to watch anime. Some of the music she listens to also falls under a similar category; though she said she occasionally listens to rock, most of the time her music falls under J-Pop/Rock and K-Pop.

Melanie is a commuter, living relatively close to the school. She was originally considering going to Cal Poly Pomona but preferred to stay nearby as she wasn’t quite sure she was ready for some distance from home when she started as a freshman. Now, however, she would like to experiment with a little more independence and hopes to be able to study abroad in London soon.

Melanie seems like a really nice person and I am very grateful that she allowed me to interview even though technically she was already done with class. I enjoyed getting to know her and hope to see her around during class.


Week 12–Classmate Interview: David Phan


At the art galleries this week I had the pleasure of meeting David Phan, currently a third year at Cal State Long Beach. As of right now, he is majoring in Geology, though he had been previously studying Psychology; he decided to switch his course of study because he realized he was more interested in learning about the earth than he was about analyzing people and their thoughts/actions.

He is not really sure what he wants to do as a career but thinks it might have to do something with teaching, especially since he already works at a high school as a music instructor.

His favorite type of music to listen to ranges from alternative to classical and instrumental. Though he really enjoys Art 110 because he can experience different forms of art and use a more modern approach with social media, unlike in his previous art history class, he prefers music and the concept of performing.

One of his other hobbies is reading. Though he enjoys reading for pleasure, he mentioned that he hasn’t really had time to do so because school occasionally gets in the way and if he has free time he would much rather focus his attention on music. Some of his favorite movies include 100 Days of Summer and he likes watching horror movies as well.

Though we both agreed that sometimes interviews can be a little tricky because you can run out of questions or you don’t know who to partner up with, they can be rather interesting and fun and it was very nice getting to know him this week.


Week 11– Classmate Interview: Charlie Teloma


This week I was able to interview Charlie Teloma, a freshman currently majoring in engineering. Though we attended the same high school, it had been a while since we had actually talked, and seeing as college is a completely new environment, we decided to interview each other just to see if anything had changed.

Though he used to play soccer in high school, he is currently not in any sports as he’s taking the first semester to adjust to college, but mostly he’s not playing because he missed the soccer tryouts. He is, however, hoping to play soccer his second semester at Long Beach.

He decided to take the Intro to the Visual Arts class mostly because in high school he had taken art as an elective for a few years. He enjoys drawing and completing different projects with various mediums, though Art 110 wasn’t exactly what he had expected it would be as it is highly influenced by social media and the high school art classes were more based on drawing (sketching) and painting.

Although it is a completely new setting, it was nice to see that not much has change; he still enjoys listening to rock music, especially Guns N Roses, we, once again, have art together, and his immense dislike for Alvin and the Chipmunks still exists. Admittedly, it is barely the first semester of college, and as we are still mainly taking General Education courses nothing much has happened, but it’ll be interesting to see what does change in the future.


Week 10– Classmate Interview: Kiana Lightbourn


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Kiana Lightbourn during the visit to the art galleries. She is eighteen years old, her birthday in August, and is currently a first year majoring in Pre-Marine Biology. She chose her major based on her love for marine life and the ocean. She mentioned that her mother had a pass to Aquarium of the Pacific, and she enjoyed that advantage to the best of her ability.

As of right now, some her short-term goals are managing to acquire both a driver’s license and an I.D. As a college student, she would like to have the privilege to be her own form of transportation, and an I.D is always useful, as she mentioned that it was difficult buying the spray paint for one of our previous art projects without a form of proof of her age.

Kiana is the eldest of her four other siblings and she and her family have a many different pets in their home. Their love for pets/animals is quite apparent with their four dogs, two turtles, two hamsters, and a few fish. Though it is a large number of animals, I think it is quite amazing and it seems to be an interesting experience.

She enjoys listening to bands like Awolnation, Imagine Dragons, and My Chemical Romance. We had a few things in common such as the amount and types of favorite TV shows and movies like Marvel movies, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural. She also likes movies and shows like Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Sherlock, Orange is the New Black, and Adventure Time. It was rather difficult to pick some of her favorite books since there are many, but in the end she chose Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, the Harry Potter series, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy because they were the ones that she either owned or simply left a lasting impact.

Since it is Halloween on Friday, we ended our conversation by discussing our Halloween plans for this year. Though neither of us are really particularly fond of haunted houses and the like, we both may or may not go the Haunted House set up by the USU with a couple of friends. She was also planning on experimenting with Day of the Dead make-up and watching The Book of Life with friends.

I really enjoyed talking to Kiana as it felt like a normal, friendly conversation rather than an interview. We had a couple of things in common and it was rather nice talking about those topics for a while. She seems like a really nice and warm person and it was nice getting to know her better; hopefully I will see her around later on in the rest of our art classes.


Week 9– Classmate Interview: Marie Rivas


During this week’s gallery walk I had the pleasure of being introduced to Marie Rivas at the beginning of the class period. Though it was a classmate interview, it eventually stopped feeling like a very formal question-and-answer activity and more like a conversation.

Marie is a third year student currently majoring in Bio-Chem; at the beginning she wasn’t quite sure what to major in and asked for advice; since her original plan was to become a doctor, she was advised to take Bio-Chem so she did, and took a microbiology class last semester. She is currently taking a psychology class and so far, she finds it interesting to learn about people’s behavior in regards to personality and differences in gender.

She is currently not involved in any clubs because she works and her major, overall, is very time20141023_112424 consuming. Though she thinks it would be nice to get involved within a club, she believes it would be much better to get an internship and, therefore, that is her main goal and focus as of right now.

Throughout the conversation, we both realized that we had a few things in common. Marie is Salvadorian and in fact, so is my mother’s side of the family. Though she has experienced more of that culture, it was still rather nice to bond over that. We also seem to judge or choose movies in the same manner. Despite what the movie may be about or what genre it falls under, the movie has to have an exceptionally good plot line, without any flaws in the continuity; the movie, overall, needs to flow and be realistic within its own story line. Admittedly, though, she does enjoy watching scary/horror movies, while I tend to stay away from that genre as a whole; however, we’ve both enjoyed the Harry Potter series in different manners; I’ve read all the books and watched the movies, while she has enjoyed diving into the story through the uniqueness of the films.

One notable difference between the two of us was the fact that she has traveled quite a lot, while I have never been outside of California. She has gone to El Salvador to see family, North Carolina to spend time with her boyfriend, and Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, just to name a few places.

Over the course of the discussion and the walk through the galleries together we found similarities and differences and it was nice to talk about each of them. She is a very nice and friendly person and I am grateful for having the opportunity to get to know her this week.


Week 8– Classmate Interview: Aubrey Delos Reyes


During art this week at the galleries, I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Aubrey Delos Reyes. She is a second year currently majoring in Pre-Nursing. She is hoping that one day she can become a nurse practitioner; originally her plan and wish was to become a pediatrician, but after reflecting on it, decided to change her ambition.

She decided to take this art class because she needed another GE and was curious to try it out. She took a music course her first semester and wanted to try something new, and so far, she has been content with her decision. Since she likes arts and crafts, especially DIY projects, she has really enjoyed the pace of class as it allows her to try a new project with new mediums for a brief moment, reflect on it, and then continue on with the next assignment.

Though she hasn’t had the opportunity to read for personal pleasure in a while, currently stuck reading only textbooks necessary for class and assignments, she had enjoyed books like The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger. She also pointed out that she has read the Harry Potter series but has only managed to read up to the fifth book and hopes that someday she can finish the other two books.

As for music, she can play both the ukulele and the flute and enjoys listening to different types of music. Though she doesn’t really think she listens to a specific genre, simply listening to whatever sounds appealing, she would categorize some of her favorite things to listen to as feel-good songs, occasionally incorporating a bit of pop and acoustic. Some of her favorite musicians include Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and John Legend.

Though we talked only for a short while, it was very nice to meet her and wander around the galleries looking at the range of artwork together. I enjoyed getting to know her a little bit more and hope she continues to enjoy her time here at Long Beach.