Week 15– Artist Interview: Troy Rounseville


Artist Troy Rounseville’s BFA Sculpture Exhibition was displayed this week in the Marilyn Werby 20141204_111201Gallery. The noise rather than the aesthetic nature of the piece caught my 20141204_111312attention, as the first thing I heard when walking inside was the pounding of the drum. The next interesting portion were the countless wires all around the different instruments.

The piano, the drum, and the record were all playing due to the use of technology. No hand was placing the needle on the record, pressing the keys, or strumming the guitar; the piece is titled “Body” and ironically no sense of human contact was present, and that all on its own was very impactful. Rounseville, through the many tangled extensions and cords managed to analyze the relationship between emotions and technological improvement, causing the viewers to question whether the presence of technology instead of a human body changed how the sounds and feelings were perceived.

The pieces were not only creative art expressions with curious appearances, but also pieces that managed to tap into the concepts of human communication and dependency.


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