Week 13– Artist Interview: Jeff Dulla


This week in the Gatov Galleries, there were pieces of a BFA Drawing and Painting Show on exhibition called Post Synthesis. From the beginning it was quite clear that though the pieces were very different and unique as they were made by different artists, they had all, in a way, experimented with the various mediums and colors to achieve such creativeness and it is why 20141120_105716they formed the collection.

Every piece, whether it depicted a person, a landscape, or a story, was very vivid and colorful, playing with both the ideas of abstraction and fine details. One of the pieces that I really enjoyed studying was Jeff Dulla’s “Cyclical Nature” or #2 in the collection of artwork. His piece emphasized the idea of cycles and patterns through the different spirals with blended colors relating back to his very fitting title. The landscape art seemed almost like an abstract fantasy setting, yet on deeper inspection the many strokes and details became visible and the effort immediately apparent. In fact, one of my friends that I was walking around the galleries with claimed that it almost embodied a Tim Burton sort of feeling to it; the style and shades gave it a slightly dark whimsical, edgy look and it made it even more fascinating. Although other pieces were also quite captivating, “Cyclical Nature” was one of the pieces that I revisited and admired the most from this week.


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