Week 12– Weekly Activity: Teach One

https://vimeo.com/112023196 (passcode: art110)


This week we had the opportunity to again choose what we wanted to do, but rather than simply 20141116_175027complete a project, we also had to figure out a way to teach it. Personally, though I like art, I don’t really think I’m good at doing any particular style of it; however, I do enjoy sketching so I decided to do that for this week.20141116_174646

Once I began the project, I realized just how difficult it is to break something down into steps. I took art in high school and through the course of those four year my teacher taught us how to practice and become familiar with different mediums if only for a while to complete a certain project; we had different exercises each day to practice outlining, painting, shading, etc. but as a student I hadn’t noticed how hard it was to come up with those small steps in order to somewhat teach someone a new skill.

Admittedly the video made to teach how to sketch was not the best; after it was saved the timing was a bit off so it’s a bit rushed, and the steps might not be the best way to teach someone, but then again it’s easier to teach someone in person than through a very rough outline of the task and I spent more time on the drawings then the video. This project was interesting simply because it allowed us to switch sides and become “teachers” for a little while and see learning in a new perspective.


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