Week 12–Classmate Interview: David Phan


At the art galleries this week I had the pleasure of meeting David Phan, currently a third year at Cal State Long Beach. As of right now, he is majoring in Geology, though he had been previously studying Psychology; he decided to switch his course of study because he realized he was more interested in learning about the earth than he was about analyzing people and their thoughts/actions.

He is not really sure what he wants to do as a career but thinks it might have to do something with teaching, especially since he already works at a high school as a music instructor.

His favorite type of music to listen to ranges from alternative to classical and instrumental. Though he really enjoys Art 110 because he can experience different forms of art and use a more modern approach with social media, unlike in his previous art history class, he prefers music and the concept of performing.

One of his other hobbies is reading. Though he enjoys reading for pleasure, he mentioned that he hasn’t really had time to do so because school occasionally gets in the way and if he has free time he would much rather focus his attention on music. Some of his favorite movies include 100 Days of Summer and he likes watching horror movies as well.

Though we both agreed that sometimes interviews can be a little tricky because you can run out of questions or you don’t know who to partner up with, they can be rather interesting and fun and it was very nice getting to know him this week.



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