Week 12–Artist Interview: Angie Samblotte & Lacy McCune


Artists Angie Samblotte’s and Lacy McCune’s artwork titled Taking my Time in the Paradigm was displayed in the Dutzi Gallery this week. Their work was supposed to pay a tribute to the 20141113_112116five senses everyone uses to take in certain objects and environments; the word paradigm is defined as being an example serving as a model or a framework, and though I’m not sure if it is exactly what they meant, I thought it meant taking the time to slow down within the framework of society where everyone is rushing about.

Though the collection of works were supposed to be joined by the same theme, each piece had a different style and feeling to it. 20141113_111905Some were mainly created through graphite while others had a bit color scattered throughout. The materials and subject matters used were not exactly extravagant as they were trying to show the audience how to find the creative and beautiful quirks in common and mundane objects and scenarios. The majority of the pieces were formed through intricate designs which in turn allowed the artists’ message to cut across as the viewers slowed down to actually take in every portion of the work.

The first piece I was able to see was “Awkward Hug” or #11 which was composed of graphite on paper. Though it looks great from far away, the details and skill are better seen up close. The piece, with its elaborate outline and tricky shading seems to overall capture the idea of taking the time to truly study and analyze seemingly common things and find a new perspective which allows us to enjoy or at the very least appreciate everything around us.


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