Week 11– Classmate Interview: Charlie Teloma


This week I was able to interview Charlie Teloma, a freshman currently majoring in engineering. Though we attended the same high school, it had been a while since we had actually talked, and seeing as college is a completely new environment, we decided to interview each other just to see if anything had changed.

Though he used to play soccer in high school, he is currently not in any sports as he’s taking the first semester to adjust to college, but mostly he’s not playing because he missed the soccer tryouts. He is, however, hoping to play soccer his second semester at Long Beach.

He decided to take the Intro to the Visual Arts class mostly because in high school he had taken art as an elective for a few years. He enjoys drawing and completing different projects with various mediums, though Art 110 wasn’t exactly what he had expected it would be as it is highly influenced by social media and the high school art classes were more based on drawing (sketching) and painting.

Although it is a completely new setting, it was nice to see that not much has change; he still enjoys listening to rock music, especially Guns N Roses, we, once again, have art together, and his immense dislike for Alvin and the Chipmunks still exists. Admittedly, it is barely the first semester of college, and as we are still mainly taking General Education courses nothing much has happened, but it’ll be interesting to see what does change in the future.



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