Week 11– Artist Interview: Romina Del Castillo


Artist Romina Del Castillo’s work titled “Shifting Focus” was displayed this week in the art galleries. Each piece depicted a different environment with a different person in each one, and 20141106_110334had its own mood and tone, though they all seemed to be done with the same mediums; I automatically enjoyed the pieces because though, they had snippets of color, they were mostly black and white and it highlighted the many intricate details in the work while resembling sketches in a sketchbook.20141106_110136

Castillo’s work is a series of portraits created with live models, and, though they illustrate the varying models in different settings, she manages to further develop her own pieces by projecting personal experiences, interests, and emotions into them as she draws. The techniques and process overall emphasize the idea of “focusing” as it allows the reader to take the time to observe what the artist saw as well, to appreciate the details and really slow down enough to fully study the pieces.

Furthermore, the artwork was created with a limited set of tools such as charcoal, chalk, and pastel. She chose the limited amount of mediums or tools in order to create a sort of challenge; her chosen tools would allow her to focus on the small details and intricacy of the people she was observing whether it be through shading or the occasional splash of color on the pieces to further emphasize the concept of concentration or fixation. Each piece was very unique and the combination and alternation of the charcoal with the colored pastels created a seemingly perfect harmony really capturing the beauty and essence of her live models.


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