Week 10– Artist Interview: Dana Fleming


Artist Dana Fleming’s work titled “Snap Crackle Pop,” was displayed this week in one of the art galleries. The main forms of influence or inspiration for her pieces were actually the seemingly 20141030_112230ordinary inanimate objects around her. At first, the thing that caught my attention were the varying colors utilized and the interesting positions of the objects within her piece; they were not used in a typical and usual 20141030_112220manner.

As she was experimenting and displaying the notion that objects have various uses and can be used beyond their common role, every object within her piece was acquired from a thrift store. The objects on top, or placed the highest, were actually not chosen by her but by the thrift store employees so her idea could be tested; if she had been the one to pick out all the objects there would’ve been a possibility that the uses could be subconsciously planned, but instead she added the element of randomness to her pieces as well.

Through her artwork she allows not only herself, but also the viewers to observe and study the different elements of the mundane objects such as the size, the texture, and the color. Her pieces delve into deeper questions and thoughts of value and appearance, while simultaneously encouraging everyone to see ordinary things in an entirely new perspective.


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