Week 9– Classmate Interview: Marie Rivas


During this week’s gallery walk I had the pleasure of being introduced to Marie Rivas at the beginning of the class period. Though it was a classmate interview, it eventually stopped feeling like a very formal question-and-answer activity and more like a conversation.

Marie is a third year student currently majoring in Bio-Chem; at the beginning she wasn’t quite sure what to major in and asked for advice; since her original plan was to become a doctor, she was advised to take Bio-Chem so she did, and took a microbiology class last semester. She is currently taking a psychology class and so far, she finds it interesting to learn about people’s behavior in regards to personality and differences in gender.

She is currently not involved in any clubs because she works and her major, overall, is very time20141023_112424 consuming. Though she thinks it would be nice to get involved within a club, she believes it would be much better to get an internship and, therefore, that is her main goal and focus as of right now.

Throughout the conversation, we both realized that we had a few things in common. Marie is Salvadorian and in fact, so is my mother’s side of the family. Though she has experienced more of that culture, it was still rather nice to bond over that. We also seem to judge or choose movies in the same manner. Despite what the movie may be about or what genre it falls under, the movie has to have an exceptionally good plot line, without any flaws in the continuity; the movie, overall, needs to flow and be realistic within its own story line. Admittedly, though, she does enjoy watching scary/horror movies, while I tend to stay away from that genre as a whole; however, we’ve both enjoyed the Harry Potter series in different manners; I’ve read all the books and watched the movies, while she has enjoyed diving into the story through the uniqueness of the films.

One notable difference between the two of us was the fact that she has traveled quite a lot, while I have never been outside of California. She has gone to El Salvador to see family, North Carolina to spend time with her boyfriend, and Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, just to name a few places.

Over the course of the discussion and the walk through the galleries together we found similarities and differences and it was nice to talk about each of them. She is a very nice and friendly person and I am grateful for having the opportunity to get to know her this week.



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