Week 9– Artist Interview: Kingdom at Hand


This week in the art galleries the pieces that caught my attention were part of a collection or group show that responded to each member’s experience with God and was titled Kingdom at Hand. Each piece was very different; the pieces differed in the way they were created, with IMG_20141023_192015alternating mediums, and each held a different part of the same overall message.

One of the pieces that first caught my attention was one called Heart of God by Matthew Hayashida. The piece had many intricate details and touches while maintaining the aura of simplicity. It very cleverly and uniquely symbolized the idea of a heart becoming full and whole. The piece overall was meant to illustrate the participant’s realization about how much God truly cares about notions such as justice, immigrants, the poor, the homeless, and the city. Through the non-profit work, a personal discovery of God’s IMG_20141023_192349heart and His ability to make others care just as much was reached and portrayed very well.

Another piece I was drawn to was “Death to Life” by Elaine Woo. Like other works such as “The Love Affair of Life and Death,” the piece represented the harmony between the ideas of life and death, and illustrated how one cannot really exist without the other. Death can be seen as a release of thoughts or tendencies and an opportunity to heal and reform while life is the creation of something new and beautiful. The piece(s) managed to capture the interesting relationship between life and death while displaying that both must be understood and, in a way, appreciated.

Each piece had its own unique style but overall they came together to express values such as love, joy, and creativity. The mediums and colors used were very compelling and enticing and they were all very beautiful in their own way, expressing different sides of realizations, life and death.


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