Week 8– Weekly Activity: ePortfolio


For the e-Portfolio project this week we were supposed to consider how the content on our websites expressed our individual goals, or at the very least, we were supposed to personalize it, and make it more our own rather than leaving it as simply a website to turn homework in.

One suggestion for this assignment was to incorporate our major into the website, however, as a first year Pre-Psychology major it was difficult finding something to add asI’ve only taken general education classes thus far and have yet to take any classes directly related to my intended major. So I decided to focus on that later and chose to organize or customize the layout of my blog first.Untitled4

The first change was creating an “about” page; it’s not relatively long with its three short statements, but as I previously had not had one, it was an improvement. I also decided to createa special category for the Art 110 blogs along with subcategories to divide our assignments into the three categories of artist interviews, classmate interviews, and projects. I changed the theme to one that allowed me to have a sort of cover page with a feature picture and the title of the blog rather than one that automatically displayed every long post. Though each page or section still showcases the posts one by one as one scrolls through, the 20141017_100532subcategories allow the viewers to know what to expect in each section and overall makes the blog look much neater.

After changing the blog’s appearance, I decided that the work I would upload should come from my sketchbook, just as a starting point. I took art in high school for five years (as my school combined junior high with high school) and I used the same sketchbook over the course of those five years as we practiced different techniques, scribbled out ideas, performed different warm-up exercises, and took some notes. Because I’ve had the sketchbook for six years now, including this current year, it’s given me the opportunity to somewhat trace my progress. Besides how handy the sketchbook was, I chose to post work from there because I’ve always enjoyed taking part in art, and hope to continue doing so at Long Beach whether it be simply as an elective or maybe a minor.

Therefore, the final change was adding a separate category for the random doodles and such. Perhaps later I can edit it more, including the title, but for now I think that’s as customizable as I can make it.



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