Week 8– Artist Interview: Helen Werner Cox


Artist Helen Werner Cox’s work, titled “Connections” was displayed in the art galleries this week. Her work focuses on the concept that art allows people to express feelings and somehow form a connection within their lives. Her work has two branches, portraiture and figure/environment Shell-Beach-Revisedrespectively, and she incorporates each one in the pieces displayed.

The first thing about her work that caught my attention was the attention to detail which resulted in impressive shading and texture, and a certain sense of realism. Some pieces exhibited shading through different colors while others Comp-2-Naomimaintained the same style but simply in black and white, and I became curious as to how the artist chose which medium to use for each piece. Cox has actually stated that that decision is achieved based on the relationship, or connection, between the artist and the subject, or, in the case of a figure/environment drawing, between the figure and the environment.

The relationship between the figure and the artist determines how the figure is viewed or helps the artist figure out what parts of the figure to highlight and express the most. In turn, those things lead to the choice of colors, light conditions, and medium of the drawing or painting.

Though the full story behind each of the pieces is still not fully expressed, I did appreciate the technique and enjoyed Helen Cox’s concept of connection and expression that art sometimes occur spontaneously despite careful planning.


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