Week 8– Classmate Interview: Aubrey Delos Reyes


During art this week at the galleries, I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Aubrey Delos Reyes. She is a second year currently majoring in Pre-Nursing. She is hoping that one day she can become a nurse practitioner; originally her plan and wish was to become a pediatrician, but after reflecting on it, decided to change her ambition.

She decided to take this art class because she needed another GE and was curious to try it out. She took a music course her first semester and wanted to try something new, and so far, she has been content with her decision. Since she likes arts and crafts, especially DIY projects, she has really enjoyed the pace of class as it allows her to try a new project with new mediums for a brief moment, reflect on it, and then continue on with the next assignment.

Though she hasn’t had the opportunity to read for personal pleasure in a while, currently stuck reading only textbooks necessary for class and assignments, she had enjoyed books like The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger. She also pointed out that she has read the Harry Potter series but has only managed to read up to the fifth book and hopes that someday she can finish the other two books.

As for music, she can play both the ukulele and the flute and enjoys listening to different types of music. Though she doesn’t really think she listens to a specific genre, simply listening to whatever sounds appealing, she would categorize some of her favorite things to listen to as feel-good songs, occasionally incorporating a bit of pop and acoustic. Some of her favorite musicians include Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and John Legend.

Though we talked only for a short while, it was very nice to meet her and wander around the galleries looking at the range of artwork together. I enjoyed getting to know her a little bit more and hope she continues to enjoy her time here at Long Beach.



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