Week 7– Weekly Activity: Spray Painting


This week our project involved the concept of painting through the use of spray paint. Our assignment was to write our names in bubble letters or similar 3-Dish styles with at least two colors on a piece of cardboard or wood, or possibly drive out to the 20141012_124821Venice Artwalls and paint it there.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go all the way to Venice, so I simply painted my name on a piece of cardboard at home. The two colors I used were a sky blue and black paint. At first, with the sketch on a piece of paper the letters of the name were to be colored in blueIMG_20141012_123640 with the black working as a shadow to make it more 3-D. Once I got the cardboard outside, however, I tested each spray out and realized the black spray was significantly darker and thicker and therefore seemed to almost drown out the blue. Therefore, I reversed the colors and the fill-in color became black and the shadow or outline blue.

20141012_130443It was interesting to use spray paint as I had never used it before. It required fluid movements and control of the can, but overall it went rather well. After applying the blue shadow around the letters, I had to repaint the black as it had slightly faded. The letters did momentarily look 3D, though the paint quickly began to drip as the size of the location required the can to be relatively close to the cardboard.

Though spray painting wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I thought of painting in art, I did enjoy and would possibly like to learn more about that style of art, if not continue to use the leftover spray paint in the future.


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