Week 6– Weekly Activity: Drawing (App)

For this project, we were supposed to use the app called French Girls to practice or attempt to draw other people’s photographs. drawing app1The original plan, was to upload a selfie and have others draw it, and in turn draw someone else’s as well. The app, however, was only available on iPhones, iPads, and the like, and since I have an drawing app2Android that didn’t really work out.

I attempted to search for similar apps, but there weren’t any quite like it. In the end, I settled for one called PaintJoy which simply allowed you to draw on a blank piece of paper (screen). Since I couldn’t upload a picture or really look at anyone else’s, I decided to draw my own picture and a picture of a friend on said app. It was rather difficult as I didn’t have a stylus so I had to use my index finger on my phone to make each stroke and detail, but compared to what I was expecting as the end result, it didn’t turn out half bad.

It was interesting using an app to draw, and it was most definitely a new experience. After using it, however, I think I would much rather stick to improving any drawing technique through a paper and pencil, being much more comfortable sketching.


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