Week 6– Classmate Interview: Jose Santillan


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jose Santillan for my classmate interview. Technically I had met him once before when I interviewed Quynh, but it was very briefly, and so this week we decided to interview each other.

At first we simply went through the basic questions centered on our majors and school, both high school and college. Apparently we are both within the psychological field, both choosing it after a lot of consideration, but for slightly different reasons. While I chose it after taking an AP Psych course as an elective and enjoying my teacher’s way of teaching the subject, he decided to choose it after becoming inspired by his counselor and the idea of talking and helping people. Our high school experiences were also quite different, but despite some struggles throughout his high school years, his determination and perseverance allowed him to excel in his classes and make it to the next big step in college.

Despite the time it took to decide on a major, we both also wanted to take some part in art in college as well. Though he is still a bit uncertain about his major, he is interested in the sciences and the arts and would to like explore more around those areas and is possibly considering of taking either art or film as a minor.

After focusing on education, we quickly moved on to some of our favorite things. I learned that he loves a wide variety of movies ranging from comedy to western to superhero movies; he has practiced drawing out the superhero characters from comics and enjoys seeing the movies as long as they stay true to the original stories. Some of his favorite movies include Pirates of the Caribbean and Back to the Future. He also enjoys taking part in athletics, actually having taken part in volleyball, cross country, and for a short while, soccer during high school.

I enjoyed talking and wandering around the galleries with him this week. He seems like a very nice and funny person and it was pretty fun getting to know him a little better throughout the class time. We had a few things in common ranging from school plans to movies and it’d be nice to continue to keep in touch.



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