Week 6– Artist Interview: Emily Babbette


This week artist Emily Babbette’s work was displayed in the one of the galleries. At first glance, the landscapes seemed to be of random places, simply chosen because of the characteristics and feel of the environment, but on further inspection, it was IMG_20141002_180656revealed that places were meant to symbolize something much greater.IMG_20141002_180917

Emily Babbette managed to use her great skill to use landscape paintings as a symbol for identity and discovery. As she states, everyone tends to have a sense of where they come from or how and where they belong, and the landscapes managed to capture the connection between location and people. Her work, of course, is also very personal and she reveals that her identity is spread out globally across many places, and that is the main source for her inspiration. She has had to travel during the summer holidays to visit many family members, and the opportunity resulted in her great art pieces depicting places both familiar and alien to her, but nevertheless connected to her.

The pieces were full of enticing color combinations and everything from the places to the title of her piece “Lost and Found” flowed well with the idea of identity and sense of self.


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