Week 5–Artist Interview: David Yamamoto

20140925_110640Photographer David Yamamoto’s work was displayed this week in the Long Beach galleries. While there were many photographs taken in many different styles and depicting different stories, his seemed to focus on isolated or abandoned buildings that looked as if they had gone out of business and so they became very interesting.

After researching more about him and his photographs I learned that the “isolated” look was exactly what Yamamoto was ChryslerJeep_v2going for. His photographs are part of a series titled The Recession. His pieces of buildings symbolize economic downturns; the buildings no longer have any logos or store names, left completely blank.

His notion of attempts to construct after a failed consumer economy are clearly present in the piece. What’s great about them as well is that they are completely relatable. While the audience may never have experienced the economical connection with a business, they have probably seen one that is no longer doing so well and about to close. His message of past success and haunting failure is clearly expressed through his work.



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