Week 5–Classmate Interview: Lia Giordano


On the fifth week of school, I was able to meet Lia Giordano, a senior here at Cal State Long Beach. She only has this semester to go before she is officially done with college, though she has already had the pleasure of walking. Lia has majored in Public Relations and decided to study in that field simply because it is a very broad subject matter, therefore, it allows her to branch out onto many other fields with major; it gives her a bit of wiggle room when deciding her career or if she later changes her mind. Though she was surprised to note that most classes were related to journalism, and she’s not extremely fond of writing, she took a chance and came to enjoy her classes and her major of choice. She also has a minor in fashion merchandize and had fun in those classes as well.

Though she does not have a set career planned yet, she would like to travel as it is one of her hobbies. Traveling, for her, does not necessarily mean going to a new country or similar, it also means simply exploring (in-depth) the city she lives in and the like. Though she said she has visited New York and Italy, where her family is from. Some of her other hobbies include shopping, hanging out with her family and friends, and taking time to just listen to music. She doesn’t have a specific preference of music, listening to whatever sounds good in different genres, though she admitted she doesn’t listen to too much rap.

Lia has deeply enjoyed her time here at Cal State Long Beach from adjusting her first semester in freshmen year to choosing her major, to working on the social media aspect of the monthly publication of Long Beach’s DIG Magazine to now finally graduating. I really enjoyed getting to meet her and walking around the galleries with her, as she seems like a very nice and kind person; I wish her good luck with her future goals and next steps as she finishes school this semester.



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