Week 4– Weekly Activity: Plaster Casting

IMG_20140919_164109 (2)

This week’s activity involved using plaster to create a mold off either our arm or our leg at the beach; so while being able to complete our art project, we were also given the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air. Having never had to do anything similar to IMG_20140919_164245this assignment, I had to buy the materials before heading out to the beach on Friday.

On that day, I was supposed to have lunch with a friend before she went off to college, and thankfully, she agreed to accompany and help me with the project. As the ocean was quite calm with no huge waves or the like, we were able to get fairly close to the water to obtain the wet sand. We both decided that it would be a good idea to make two molds in the sand, one of my arm and the other of my leg, just in case we messed up or in case one turned out better than the other. I successfully managed to create the molds in the sand and, therefore, we quickly began to stir the plaster and the water, pouring it as soon as possible into the two molds. It was still low tide so we were able to enjoy the scenery and the great weather, as we waited for the plaster to set.IMG_20140919_163914

One of the molds full of plaster turned out to have too much water and so, the plaster never really set. The other, though, seemed to be setting quite well and so we waited for it to completely solidify. Some fifteen to twenty minutes later, we began to carefully dig it out. Before we were finished, however, one of the waves managed to reach us and the mold began to fall apart in bits; unfortunately we had already used all of the plaster so we could not make another batch of the mixture. Though I technically not able to fully complete the project, it was still interesting to learn how create the mixture and how to make a simple mold. Furthermore, although the mold fell apart, it was still a great day to be at the beach, and so, the day was not completely wasted.


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