Week 4– Classmate Interview: Quynh Ong


This week I had the privilege of meeting Quynh Ong, another freshmen within the class. Though she had already done an interview, she was kind enough to let me interview her anyways, as most of the students in the class had already either been interviewed as well or had already left.

Quynh is a film major, and chose that specific major because it was the only thing that really interested her. Although she was dedicated to her academics, she had trouble really identifying with a class enough to continue pursuing it, and eventually found and really liked all the elements that surround the notion of film. Her favorite type are usually soft, mellow, or indie movies such as Drive; though she can appreciate action and sci-fi movies, she tends to be picky when choosing one to watch, especially since that genre is currently dominating and often putting out new movies.

As a freshmen, she has been enjoying Cal State Long Beach very much and is completely content with the good environment. She commutes to school each day and has already attempted to join several clubs. Though she has been unable to attend most of the meetings, she is sure she will commit to Film Club.

I am very grateful that she allowed me to interview her, though she had already done one. I quite enjoyed talking to her today and hope to be able to see her often in class.



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