Week 3– Weekly Activity: Kickstarter Project

This week our project revolved around the phenomenon of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a website that allows people to make videos and pitch their creative ideas in the hopes of receiving funds to succeed with their endeavors, receiving funds from any interested parties. While looking around the website, I was able to come across many different videos ranging from topics like arts & crafts, music, food, theater, publishing, and gaming. Of all the videos I watched, two of them particularly sparked my interest; the two projects are called The Maze of Games and Pathologic.

The first, The Maze of Games, is created by Mike Selinker, and it is a project that has already been successfully funded by the maze of gamesthe viewers of the pitch video. The creation itself, an interactive puzzle novel, is already very unique and enticing– allowing the readers of the novel to get involved with the characters, if not merge with the character themselves– but the video does as good job of pitching the idea as well. Not only does it explain how the novel will work, but it also displays some of the illustrations and images of the final project, as well as a background story to go along with the project itself. It’s success can obviously be seen through the total funding. The Maze of Games: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loneshark/the-maze-of-games-an-interactive-puzzle-novel?ref=category

The second project, created by the Ice-Pick Lodge, is titled Pathologic and unlike the puzzle novel, it is meant to be a game for PC/Mac/Linux, PS4, and XBox One. Though it has not yet reached it’s goal, it has been greatly funded, now 78% funded Pathologicwith 23 days to go. The interesting notion about this pitch video is that the audience is immediately immersed into the game. The pitch video allows the viewers to see different parts of the game: the characters, the background, the locations, etc. without revealing too much. It provides an example of how the game will work, with players making interesting choices, and how it could possibly be addicting. Though it has not yet been successful, it would be a unique game to see dispersed and created. Pathologic: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1535515364/pathologic?ref=category

“Kickstarter” Video: https://vimeo.com/106087040 ; access code: art110


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