Week 3– Classmate Interview: Christopher Soerachmat

IMG_1704 (2)

This week for the student interviews, I was able to talk to another first-year classmate, Christopher Soerachmat. His favorite color is maroon and he is currently majoring in Film and Electronic Arts and enjoys the artistic element of it all; despite the usual negativity that surrounds the notion of majoring in an art, usually stated by adults, he hopes that he will be successful in his endeavor. Filming is his major, but it is also one of his hobbies. He likes the fact the films manage to express ideas and stories in a creative manner; they can be impactful and informative, and most importantly they can reach a number of people all at once. It is why he became very fond of editing short films and it is probably also why some of his favorite movies are part of the Star Wars series.

Over the summer, he managed to acquire a job at Disneyland, and has since constantly received messages for cheaper and free tickets; messages which will probably continue to arrive. As an employee he has the opportunity to watch the famous parades multiple times and some of his favorite Disney characters are Stars Wars’ own Darth Vader and Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell.

Since this week, the galleries held new pieces of art by different artists we began discussing the one we each liked the most. He preferred Tricia Rangle’s “A New Foundation” because it seems simpler or at the very least it exudes the idea of simplicity, though of course the piece was probably not that easy to make. He chose her piece because though he thought it had an air of simplicity, it was also meaningful, and different perspectives and ways of thinking revealed new parts of the piece and enacted new reactions.

Overall, I enjoyed taking the time to talk to him and he seems like a really nice and funny person. I’m glad I got to know him better through the classmate interview.


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