Week 3– Artist Interview: Christopher Vavrek


Though it was not possible to talk to the artists about their artwork since they were not present, we were still given the opportunity to walk through the galleries to see their pieces or shows.  Though both galleries showcased wonderful work, the one that caught my attention the most was Christopher Vavrek’s exhibition; it was dark, colorful, entrancing, and completely chaotic. Though at the time I wasn’t entirely positive, I believed that the numerous old computers, tapes and screens represented some sort of message revolving around technology and/or time itself. After reading Vavrek’s MFA Thesis, however the inkling of the process or meaning turned out to be very close to being accurate.

Christopher Vavrek creates sculptural installations by using mixed media and technology that has been abandoned or forgotten about, carelessly tossed aside. He uses the readily available materials and manipulates them so the audience can see the history and progression of technology. He also uses the notion of disorder to further his piece’s impact; shapes are placed in uncommon ways, making the work seem quite ambiguous. That same ambiguity rejects the idea of an objective direct truth and makes the audience question and think more of it overall.

I had never really seen an exhibition to that scale before and was extremely impressed with the design, layout, and the themes of it all. He uses media to comment on society and succeeds in catching people’s attention with his talent.



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