Week 2– Weekly Activity: Instagram


This week our activity was to take at least four pictures of any part of our day and post them through Instagram, using the same tag, so we could later see all of our pictures as a class. The first step, in my case, was to actually make an Instagram account as I had never created one. I never really thought I needed one, and once the account was made it felt a bit strange having to post the pictures; I would constantly forget about the project and have to be reminded by a friend.


In the end, I suppose most of my pictures ended up being of the places I went to throughout the day, the fourth being an exception. The pictures traced my schedule, from walking through the galleries, to waiting outside a class, to walking to my dorm, and sitting at my desk in front of a pile of books. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll ever use my Instagram again outside of art, but looking through the tag and looking at all the pictures was an interesting experience and I slightly understood the appeal of the project overall.


Looking at everyone’s pictures it was easy to see how everyone was both very similar and yet very original. Everyone had different pictures of their day, but there were a few that were of the same places. But, though maybe we had all passed the same place on our way to class or on the way back home, the pictures were from different angles, from different perspectives. It was a very interesting project, catching a glimpse of everyone’s lives, and in the end it provided a new way to look at our lives and community.



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