Week 2– GLAMFA Artist: Bridget Batch


20140904_114459 (2)

Artist Bridget Batch’s artwork titled “Owens Lake Performance No.2” caught my eye during my walk through the galleries this week. The photograph’s subject and colors were completely enchanting and inviting and I automatically became curious about what the piece meant or at the very least how the artist how created this particular work.

Bridget Batch’s work is created by using photography, video and installation, and combining the different perspectives of science with the creativeness and colors of art. She uses those sources to play with imagination and illustrate the worlds we create for ourselves filled with beliefs and intuition. Her unique use of science and art create brilliant pieces that make people stop and contemplate what the pieces mean, or at the very least it makes people react and connect with it in different matters.

I find her methods interesting and very original; it makes me see the piece in a new light. Admittedly, though it still leaves me a bit confused about the overall theme; yet the confusion is not bad, it does not hinder thoughts, but rather sparks them. And there is something about the confusion it creates that makes it all the more intriguing.

Artist’s Website: http://bridgetbatch.com/


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