Week 1– GLAMFA Artist: Andrea Marie Breiling

20140828_121409 (2)Breiling_4 (2) 20140828_121417 (3)

Today in Art 110, I was given the opportunity to explore the galleries and study the art taking part in the 10th Annual GLAMFA, or Greater Los Angeles Masters of Fine Art. As I had never managed to visit an art gallery before, I wasn’t entirely sure what I would find behind the different doors. I suppose I was originally expecting a room full of paintings, each with different techniques and colors, but nevertheless showcasing a very obvious and direct theme or idea. The art I saw around the room, however, was much more abstract than I had anticipated, and yet it was quite refreshing as well as satisfying. Because the pieces were not so straightforward, it made you stop and think about what they represented; and the one I chose to further examine was one of the first few to catch my eye due to the size and various colors.

The piece titled “Big” by Andrea Marie Breiling interested me because of the many scratches, lines, and colors it was composed of. Though I didn’t know what they all meant, it sparked a sense of curiosity, and after investigating more about the artist, I suddenly began to understand her work a little more. Breiling’s pieces are meant to simultaneously reveal and conceal an idea; they explain the process of art and how it is created rather than simply portraying the end result. She uses very visible scratch marks and spray-painted lines to emphasize the shadows and highlights of her pieces which in turn create a glow that pulls the viewers in. Each line seems to symbolize a certain step in the art process, demonstrating how much effort and time must be dedicated to complete a piece of art. All of her pieces use a variation of the technique, as seen through the different colors and patterns, to emphasize her ideas of progression; and coincidentally, the second piece to catch my attention, turned out to be hers as well.

Though a little bit of confusion still lingers, after exploring the artist’s technique a new form of appreciation emerges as well. I enjoyed viewing her perspective of art as she demonstrated the different sides of art; it can be straight lines, perfect coloring, messy, time-consuming, glossy, and gritty all at once.

Artist (GLAMFA) Website: http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Breiling_2014.html



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