Week 1– Classmate Interview: Minerva Madrigal


On Thursday August 28, I had the pleasure of meeting Minerva Madrigal, one of my fellow classmates in Art 110. After we had individually wandered around the galleries, we decided to sit on the benches right outside and conduct our first classmate interview. Though I tend to be a bit quiet and shy, I managed to feel quite comfortable with her as we began talking and scribbling notes in our notebooks.

Minerva is a second-year currently majoring in Sociology, though she is also trying to minor in Art. Her love for art became more and more apparent as we both swapped our previous ideas and experiences with art; though we both had already chosen a major, we also wanted to keep art in our lives, with the help of a minor. We both agreed it would be a very interesting process trying to use social media, such as Instagram, for projects when we were both more accustomed to other methods like sketching and painting, though, of course, we were both eager to at least try. She manages to showcase her love for art through her goals of joining art club, and more uniquely, her desire for more tattoos. She hopes to get more involved with the general process of tattoos as her art outlet, and I wish her the best of luck as it is a goal I definitely admire.

As we continued conversing I discovered her interesting choices in pets, ranging from a dog to two tarantulas named Cleopatra and Spider-Man, and the hope of one day getting a pet snake. Her choice of pets, surprised me but quite honestly she reminded me of one of my own close friends, who would probably share in the desire of a pet snake, and made the interview seem like I was simply talking to an old acquaintance.

Mostly due to the fact of my own lack of pets, we quickly moved on to the topics of our favorite movies and bands. Soon we were animatedly discussing our favorite superhero movies, such as the Avengers, the Dark Knight, Spider-Man, and Wonder-Woman, though I learned her absolute favorite films tend to be Tim Burton movies, especially since her favorite actor is Johnny Depp. We also bonded over our favorite bands and genres of music. As the majority of my friends and I don’t normally listen to similar music, I really enjoyed talking about bands like the Beatles, the Smiths, Queen, LInkin Park, and the Killers with her; it was really nice to discuss the different concerts we have or would like to attend in the future.

Overall, she seems like a really nice and creative person, and I am glad she was the first person I interviewed. I liked taking the time to meet one of classmates and sincerely hope the rest of my classmate-interviews go just as well.




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